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Sandalwood Gift Box

Daihatsu's pure sandalwood undergoes rigid quality control standards to ensure you enjoy nothing but the smooth, fresh scent. What makes this Sandalwood unique is it's made from a blend of the root and branch of the sandalwood tree, not just the branch. This gives it a distinctly soft but sour scent, which is preferred by many of our customers. This box contains the exact same incense featured in the Memories of Japan Sandalwood
(dh-mj-0004). It's packed in a handsome, conveniently-sized box that makes an excellent gift.

Main Ingredients: Sandalwood
Size: 4.75"
Quantity: 210 sticks

Burn Time: approximately 25 min.
Company: Daihatsu

Order #: dh-sw-3

Retail: $20.00

Available in two other sizes:
dh-mj-0004 (50 sticks per bundle, 10 bundles)


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