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Lavender - Less Smoke

The subtle fragrance of lavender that blossoms on the island's gently sloping hillsides, a poem to the meadows wrapped in fresh breezes from the blue skies.

Whether for worship, relaxation, or for welcoming guests, Awaji Island incense brings the spirit of Japan into your home. Dating back to 1850, the 16 incense masters (Koh-shi) of the Awaji island use traditional Japanese manufacturing methods and strict quality control to create the best incense. Their packaging makes it easy for the English- and French-language customers to read and identify with each of the 16 different incense selections.

Main Ingredients: Lavender
Quantity: 30 Sticks
Burn Time: approx. 25 min.
Company: Awaji Island Koh-shi

Order #: ko-0101

Retail: $9.00


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