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Fu-in® - Kyara - Small Box

Kyara is made from a very dense aloeswood that is highly resinous. Minorien's Kyara has an excellent tone that reflects the very nature of this premium incense tree, in abundance. You will enjoy a gentle aroma of the highest quality "Kyara smell". Minorien's unusual "wet smell" of Kyara is very unique.

Main Ingredients: Kyara
Length: approx. 5.5"
Quantity: 40 sticks
Burn Time: approx. 25 min.
Company: Minorien

Order #: mn-0011

Retail: $50.00

Fu-in® is a Registered US Trademark of Minorien. Registered 77/280,250, USPTO. Perviously, Minorien used the trademark (™) "Fuuin" or "Fu-uin" for their incense. Fu-in is pronounced "foo-in" in Japanese, and means "wind afterglow" or "wind traces" referring to the soft essence you feel after "listening" to the scent of any of the Fu-in lines of incense.
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