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Chabana - Less Smoke

Chabana, the simple but elegant style of flower arranging for Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony). It has deep roots in the more formalized Ikebana style of flower arranging which is firmly seated in both Shintoism and Buddhism. "Cha" literally means tea and "bana" is taken from the word hana or flower.

Chabana is a less-smoke incense, so there's little or no smoke, the air is cleansed of other odors, and people with allergies or reaction to smoke can enjoy it more.

Main Ingredients: Green Tea and Flowers
Length: approx. 5.25"
Quantity: 90 sticks or more
Burn Time: approx. 25 min.
Company: Shorindo

Order #: sr-0003

Retail: $8.00


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